Straight Talk Series

As part of our Straight Talk Series, Retirement Plans, Inc. will be offering several lunch seminars from industry experts. These forums will cover a variety of topics, from Minimizing Your Tax Obligations to Bridging the Gap to Retirement. Many luncheons will also include continuing education credit for human resource and accounting professionals.


If you are interested in attending one or more of these seminars, simply click on the title of the event to register online.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Retirement Plans, Inc. has postponed all Straight Talk Series lunches until further notice, but please check back frequently as we will be scheduling timely webinars related to the ever changing financial, economic and business environment caused by the pandemic.


You can sign up for our Straight Talk Tuesday video recordings here. These video recordings are aimed at providing information to assist plan sponsors and investors during this time of market and economic unrest.